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 Friday 23rd of February 2018

No Fax Payday Loans FAQ

What is a no fax payday loans?
No Fax Payday Loans or Payday Loans are short term unsecured loans. They are used to bridge the financial gap between two consecutive paydays. Payday Loans work as a source of fast cash for short term financial emergencies that could arise at the end of the month when we have a minimal bank balance for assistance.

What is a personal loan?
A personal loan is an unsecured loan with fixed payments and a fixed payment schedule. It can be used for debt consolidation, home improvement, or any other need.

What is a payday loan or cash advance?
A cash advance provides you with emergency cash when you need it most, usually between paydays! Simply complete our fast two-minute online application; there are normally no documents to fax. Just complete your application, speak to the loan agents and your cash could be on the way, usually the next business day!

How much can I qualify for?
How much you qualify for depends on a number of factors including your income and other factors. To see how much you can qualify for, simply complete our fast two minute online application, speak with a loan agent and your cash is on the way, usually the next business day!

What does it cost?
Cash advance loans are designed for emergency situations when you are short of cash and need money fast! Family emergencies, unexpected car repairs, overdrafts, telephone reconnection and deposits are just some of the urgent cash needs our customers have experienced. Your fees are less than the cost of not having the cash you need when you need it - overdraft fees, bounced check charges, taxes, even losing your job because you cannot get to work! Actual fees are determined based on the information you provide when you submit your loan application. Your cash can often be sent to your bank account the very next business day and you do not repay until your next paycheck!

Iam a little low on funds. Can I get an extension?
Customers are automatically renewed, so you do not need to request it. If your next payday comes around and you are not as caught up as you had planned, do not worry; we have it covered. We will automatically extend your due date, and only deduct the renewal fee from your checking account. Additional fees will apply, but you will be able to repay your cash advance from future paychecks.

Will I need collateral to qualify for this loan?
No, good credit is all you need to get this loan. There is no need to use your house or other personal assets as collateral to qualify for this loan.

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